Could somebody get me a spoon?

Sedat usually goes to school by bicycle.


I barely knew my father.

Spy is helping Lou carry in her suitcases.

The contract expires next year.

Put it in your pocket.

I'll be happy to do anything I can.


He wants to be an Edison in the future.

Kirsten didn't even say hi to me.

I often recall my happy childhood memories.


Harmon was my friend.

The committee adjourned to another hall.

Loukas made the baseball team.


An error is not worth death.

This is going to hurt a bit.

Our school is famous for its club activities.

I'm not choosing them.

I recognized him at once.


That's troubling.


Rajeev still looks tired.

It doesn't make any difference at all.

She's just trying to manipulate you.


It's more interesting to travel alone than to go on a group tour.

I'm pretty sure that Pat is from Australia.

In those days, America was not independent of the United Kingdom.

Now I know I should have stayed in that job, but hindsight is always 20-20 - I couldn't have known it when I was leaving.

The tuberculin reaction was positive.

Dorian crosses the railroad tracks every morning on his way to work.

He's only a couple of years older than me.


This magnificent cathedral dates back to the Middle Ages.

Stay down or you might get hit by a stray bullet.

Why aren't you using it?

This surveillance camera is our silent witness.

Barring anything unforeseen everything should turn all right.

We have a cold autumn this year.

I'll think about what you said.

Let's just go find him.

Can I have my keys?


The nervous girl is in the habit of chewing the end of her pencil.


The teacher said that we must memorize these idioms.

I prefer to take a shower in the morning.

The pilot made an emergency landing in the desert.

I'll be there at six.

Are you sure you don't want to join me?

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Joseph definitely wants to become a doctor.

He was hit by a car and died right away.

Are you going out with Sachiko?

How did that affect you?

I have a fear of the dark.

Try as you may, you can't master English in a few months.

They cheat.

Lar wants to do business with Saad.

I knew we were going to lose.


I'm just a man.

Do not forget to meet me at the station.

You miss your wives, don't you?

I'll carry it.

The crowd hailed the winner.

I don't like winter.

They study about the function of the brain.


We shall start after breakfast.

Micheal is in his room, writing a letter to his grandmother.

Man, too, has been given protective devices against extreme temperatures.

Unfortunately, it's a hoax.

It was fun going to Chuck's Diner with you.


Sometimes hockey players get so competitive that fights break out.

Tell Carlos only what he needs to know.

Let's see if Mongo can handle that.

A talent agency represents actors.

He reluctantly agreed to my proposal.

Did you remember to buy candles?

Let Presley make the decisions.


I'm going to miss you guys.

Please leave nothing behind.

I was having so much fun.

The children are playing under the lime tree.

You were right about her.

I'm going to see some student.

I learned that while doing an essay on them at school.

Dan violated his parole three times.

What you did for me meant a lot to me.

You look different.

We were lost.

The brother is writing.

Matti suggested that what Lance did was intentional.

Tell her I had to leave.

Oscar won't eat meat.

I have a message from Roderick.

I am sorry I cannot help you now. I am busy.

Use the telephone.

Stu demanded a refund.


Many people lost their jobs.

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Are you still interested in learning how to speak French?

Can I do anything for you?

How about cup of tea or something, if you aren't in a hurry?

They don't build them like they used to.

You can always quit the job.


They capitulated unconditionally.

Their job is to do make-up for performing artists.

He took the kids to the school.


I made out a check for $25 and handed it to the salesperson.


Seeing him with his girlfriend puts me in a bad mood.

We could see nothing.

I've always found her unbelievably pleasurable.

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I've got company.

When are you coming home again?

He won't always be around

Pizza is a pie chart showing how much of it is left.

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.


I had some work that needed finishing.

Jesus left fingerprints on the doorknob of the room where the body was found.

Do you want me to tell you why?

Roman doesn't often eat lunch with his wife.

You are not actually an idiot.

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Naomi owns a shell company in the British Virgin Islands.

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I can't see the stage from this seat.


Could you send Manavendra a lilyum flower for me?


It's unlikely that Jagath will ever return home.

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My French isn't as good as it used to be.

She writes an excellent hand.

Roxie is very ambitious.

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I hope the new version comes out soon.


She surprised her husband.


Pay attention to what you're doing.

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Rajesh is Ronni's twin sister.


Granville bought a horse.

I never see this album without thinking of my high school days.

The girl was looking at him too.

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Mario is the taller of the two.

Bernard pressed the elevator button.

Puerto Rico is not a sovereign state.

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We're shooting.


The voice on the phone was unfamiliar to me.


The moon is not a good place to live on.

Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.

The less I study, the greater my chance of failure.


I'll go by taxi.

Many railroads have been replaced by highways.

Naomi fired a warning shot.

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Our managing director is incompatible with the president.

These shoes are hers.

I don't want to go Boston with Rudy.

That man is in love with my sister.

What newspaper do you take?


This reminds me of someone.

You shouldn't have run.

Oftentimes, the best solution is to systematically attack the problem!

I have to go tell them.

That was my point.

Turn off the damn camera!

Next week, he is going to New York on business.

This isn't serious.

Samir is powerless.

No one's ever questioned my loyalty before.

Have you ever met Magnus's girlfriend?

You should never say "never".

She's closing everything.

There she stands.

I don't care about boats.

How old is your uncle?

I had to pay in cash.